Welcome to Craft Make Do!

I'm Leah. I'm a designer, creator, tinker and problem solver. I launched Craft Make Do in 2020, combining the skills I've learnt as a jewellery maker, the skills I learnt growing up and my childhood dream of becoming a teacher!

I started Craft Make Do in 2020 with the desire to facilitate fun and creativity. Rediscovering the cross stitch and embroidery skills that I learnt growing up, I love helping people get started on their crafty journeys and seeing the joy pursuing a hobby like this can bring.

Why craft kits and workshops? I know that it can be incredibly overwhelming knowing where to start when you want to try something new but don't know where to start. I wanted to make it easy so that absolute beginners can start right away, with the right advice and equipment, while experienced stitchers can continue finding joy with our stitching projects..

 Our kits are designed by me, Leah, in my home studio in the Barossa Valley. And they're packed right here as well. 

There is nothing that lights up my heart more than seeing someone picking up a kit or taking part in one of my classes having never picked up a needle, and seeing the absolute transformation within a couple of hours, as they master their first stitches.